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HuffingtonPost – The First Pancake Rule

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Here the beginning of an article I wrote for the Huffington Post about the best lesson my mother ever taught me. I call it the First Pancake Rule. You can also watch me give a presentation on it to the Westside Toastmasters. There’s a link above for the video.


Failure is fatal, but it’s the uncomfortable key to success.

I was 5 years old when my mother brought me into the kitchen to start cooking. At first it was cutting carrots with a butter knife, but soon enough my skills and tasks were increased to actually cooking.

It was a mid winter Saturday morning and we were making my favorite – pancakes. The electric griddle was brought out from under the stove and plugged in on the kitchen table so that I could reach it. “Now David, when the bubbles on the pancake come up and pop, it’s ready to be flipped.” “Okay mom.”

She went to make tea, and I was dutifully watching as one, then two, then a dozen bubbles came up. The first one popped, then another, then there was one last one. It didn’t pop. I waited, and waited, and it just wouldn’t pop.

“David! What’s burning?”  for more click the hyperlink below: 

The First Pancake Rule on Huffington Post


Photo of Pancakes

Photo by Hilda Victoria Stellgard

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