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FULL SPEECH - Global Speakers Summit - Auckland, New Zealand
FULL SPEECH - Open Circle - Ajijic, Mexico December 31, 2017
Testimonial by Professional Speakers Association India President Kiruba Shankar
Testimonial by Global Dialogue Foundation CEO Peter Gorgievksi
Testimonial by Pro Rugby Player (Ret.) Filipo Levi
What exactly *IS* a podcast?
Podcast Training - Content Creation Workshop
The First Pancake Rule: Just Get Started
See Your Best Self
How To Write A Book in 10 Easy Years

Podcaster | Mentor | Inspirational Speaker

Whether speaking to one person through a podcast, or hundreds in an audience, David’s message of Inspiration, Personal Empowerment and Connection are rooted in practical lessons an audience will apply today and tomorrow.

About David

Global business speaker, author, columnist, and podcaster – David Pisarra is a multi-media content creator.

As a professional speaker he presents on the benefits of Podcasting for individuals and businesses by creating community, enhancing the host’s celebrity, and converting the prospect into a paying client. His other talks are on the world of New Media Marketing for Professionals and Corporations, Leadership Lessons  from Failure, and with his message of individual inspiration, See Your Best Self.

His mentorship programs help people find their  voice, and share it with the world, through podcasting, videos and webinars, authorship and public speaking. From afternoon workshops to weekend one-on-one retreats, he brings insight, inspiration, and most importantly, a roadmap for success.

Frequently Requested Topics

MARKETING: Podcasting for Professionals: The Age of New Media for Marketers
Today's hottest new media resource is podcasting - it's on demand radio, and it's the most effective way to have potential clients fall in love with you, before you even meet. Podcasting is an opportunity to talk to thousands of people, and have them listen to you and learn about your services or products. Podcasting allows you to speak once locally, and be heard endlessly and effortlessly, at a global level. As host of the Men's Family Law podcast, David has reached thousands of men and women across the globe, with his powerful message of empowerment for men facing family challenges in the court system who turn to him for advice, hope and direction. In this talk David explains how and why podcasting, along with a video strategy, are useful for any business looking to expand their customer awareness and reach.
LEADERSHIP: The First Pancake Rule
The First Pancake Rule. Using examples from his own life of failures like his first podcast, his first video, his first book and others, David explains why the key to success is just starting, and then not stopping. Leadership is about empowering people to take the next step - but if they're afraid of the consequences, they will be less likely to act. In a world where action equals progress, and progress equals success, not taking action is the worst possible outcome. Teaching people that first failures are not only acceptable, but encouraged, because they lead to later successes is crucial for any organization that wishes to grow and thrive.
This moving and inspirational talk shares the "Glass Eye" story that is so cherished by audiences. David demonstrates how the past is only a small part of what holds us back, it is the lack of a future vision to live into, that keeps our old self image alive. By living into a better future, we can let go of the past. With wit, charm and humor, David shares his personal struggles, successes and methods for personal development.


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What People Are Saying About David

David’s New Media presentation at Blogpaws was great. He was confident and funny, the audience loved his stories. As a videographer I’ve seen many presentations and I’d recommend him to anyone.
Orlando, Fl
I have heard David Pisarra speak before several groups (some very large, others much smaller) here in Mexico, and have marveled at his ability to make deeply personal admissions seem related to that quest we all must make to “finally come of age.” Moreover, his serious and touching life-lessons are always spiced with self-deprecating humor, a sure-fire way to get any audience on a speaker’s side.
Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez
El Ojo de Lago - Largest English language publication in Latin America
Ajijic, Mexico
David is an excellent, engaging and inspiring speaker. The audience loved his jokes, his stage presence was professional and educational. He did what my wife of 20 years couldn't, he made me change my mind on the death penalty. He will make any event planner look good who hires him.
Robert Mackenzie
World Champion runner up
Toastmasters International