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David Pisarra

I am a Podcaster,  Speaker, Columnist, Author,  and  Lawyer.

My audiences are Empowered, Educated and Entertained to lead happier, more successful, more fulfilling lives.

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GoodMenProject – Give Away Your Gifts

  This week I write about how important it is to give away our gifts – not for the universe, but for our own growth and development. It is only by sharing that we improve and become a better form of our ourselves. Check out the full article here: Giving…

GoodMenProject – Define Your Self to Build Self-Esteem

In my weekly column for the GoodMenProject.com I write about personal development, self-esteem building and inspirational stories to help men become empowered in their lives. I believe that the more healthy confidence a man has, the better person he will be. The less likely it is he engage in self-destructive…

Book Review – Zig The Autobiography of Zig Ziglar

In the world of motivational speakers there are a few bright stars and of those perhaps the brightest has been Zig Ziglar. Born Hilary H. Ziglar somewhere along the line he was crowned with the name Zig, and it stuck. Born of humble beginnings in Alabama, his family moved to…

HuffingtonPost Column: Life Lessons from a 98 year old Yogi

PHOTO BY JOELLEPEARSON (OWN WORK) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (HTTP://CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG/LICENSES/BY-SA/4.0)], VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Writing gives me an opportunity to share with the world the inspirational and motivational things that I see, think and observe. It makes me more aware of my surroundings and brings me closer to those I am with…

HuffingtonPost Column: Men’s Mental Health Demands Male Friendship

  I wrote this piece for the HuffingtonPost. I feel strongly that many men lack the friendships they need and they should be encouraged to pursue and maintain their friends, especially when they are married or have girlfriends. Oftentimes, men drop their friends in favor of their wives or girlfriends…


This is a piece I wrote for my column on GoodMenProject.com. The column is called The Empowered Man and this piece comes from a speech I gave in December of 2016, in Ajijic Mexico for the Open Circle Society, a group of 300+ individuals who come together for spirituality and motivation. …

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