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GoodMenProject – Straight Talk From A Gay Guy

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Inspiring others and helping them to lead happier better lives is part of my WHY. I do it professionally as a lawyer and as a Professional Speaker. I also do it with the writing that I do for outlets like HuffingtonPost.com and GoodMenProject.com. Being open and honest, sharing my experiences…

Podcasting – How To Self Publish – Writing, Formatting, Publishing

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In this second part of a series I wrote for Podertainment magazine, available on iTunes and at Podertainment.com I address the next steps in repurposing content from a podcast into a book. How to publish that book  An overview of self-publishing for podcasters who like to Do It Themselves – Part Two…

HuffingtonPost – The First Pancake Rule

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Here the beginning of an article I wrote for the Huffington Post about the best lesson my mother ever taught me. I call it the First Pancake Rule. You can also watch me give a presentation on it to the Westside Toastmasters. There’s a link above for the video. DARING…

What’s your One? Inspirational Motivational Tips

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I’ve fought the battle of the bulge most of my life. I come from a not very athletic family – our concept of exercise was word play – sarcasm, wit and smarts were the key to survival. That however, is a very sedentary lifestyle. As I hit 50 in the…

Inspirational Guesting on Lisa McDonald’s Carpe Diem show 

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Here’s the link to a podcast I guested on. Lisa is a great host and I had a wonderful time on her show. Total professional! She even got me to look at some on my words and behaviors as needing a tune up! Check the show out here: http://www.contacttalkradio.net/CTR/lisamcdonald090216.mp3

Podcasting – How To Self-Publish – Covers and Titles

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In my monthly column for Podertainment, I write about topics to help people maximize their content with repackaging, cross-promoting and repurposing. One of the most common ways to do that is with publishing a book out of the content that went into a series of podcast episodes. Podcasters in general…

Los Angeles Bound

Up at O dark thirty, well 4:30 really to make a 6:45 flight from MEM to LAX.  Stayed at the downtown Sheraton and though the hotel is a bit shabby it was overall a good experience. It needs some maintenance to bring it back, nothing major but it’s the details…


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I’m in Memphis TN where I’ve been filming for a documentary I’m producing and directing.  The BBQ here has been almost as amazing as the people. We’ve met some outstanding individuals who are doing great work to stop domestic violence and to help those survivors who want to heal.  This…

Podcasting – From Podcaster to Published Author

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In my column for Podertainment, the online magazine for podcasters, by podcasters, I help podcasters learn how to maximize their efforts by cross promoting, cross merchandising and repacking their content into new forms. One of the most popular ways to repackage content, and use that content calendar, is to develop…


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I write for Podertainment – the podcasting for success emagazine available on iTunes.  Here’s an article I write about a problem that many podcasters face, especially when they are just starting out and have the idea for a podcast and need to flesh it out further. I have worked with…