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Los Angeles Bound

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Los Angeles Bound

Up at O dark thirty, well 4:30 really to make a 6:45 flight from MEM to LAX. 

Stayed at the downtown Sheraton and though the hotel is a bit shabby it was overall a good experience. It needs some maintenance to bring it back, nothing major but it’s the details that make the difference in most things. 

Scuffed elevators were the worst of it so I’d totally stay here again and in fact might have to plan another trip since I didn’t make it to Graceland. We went to the National Civil Rights Museum located at the Lorraine Hote where Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was shot. 

The museum is amazing and extremely well done with over 20 different exhibits on the history of the fight for black civil rights. 

There are many reasons to come back here and I look forward to the next trip. 

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