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What Is The Us Taliban Agreement

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What Is The Us Taliban Agreement

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The intra-Afghan negotiations, which lead to tangible peace and a credible power-sharing agreement in Afghanistan, face real challenges. Problems include concerns about the exchange of prisoners; The composition of a future Afghan state and future Afghan government and the reintegration of the Taliban into the Afghan security forces; and the internal cohesion of the Taliban and the Afghan government and whether the Taliban are actually committed to an internal peace process or whether they are using their participation as a negotiating force to promote their own goals. Polls show that the Afghan people were willing to make some compromises for peace. But many question whether the Taliban can be held accountable for what they have promised. They also fear losing the important achievements of international engagement in Afghanistan, such as women`s empowerment, increased freedom of expression and a more vibrant press. The Afghan government has expressed its readiness to participate in intra-Afghan negotiations, provided the Taliban respects the terms of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, and has committed to discussing the release of the prisoners. With the United States, the Afghan government has also agreed to begin reviewing its sanctions against the Taliban after intra-Afghan negotiations begin. For its part, the United States reaffirmed its determination to obtain approval by the United Nations Security Council for future agreements, to cooperate with the Afghan government in reconstruction efforts and to refrain from intervening in Afghanistan`s internal affairs. Peace agreements generally have implementation mechanisms that make each party accountable for its commitments. This is not the case with the Taliban agreement.

It contains no provision on what will happen if the Taliban break their promises, with the exception of the United States, which stops its withdrawal. The Qataris, who are hosting peace talks in Afghanistan, do not have the official power to push the parties to comply. Like the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, the United States agreed to reduce its troops to 8,600 within the first 135 days of the signing of the agreement and to withdraw all its troops within 14 months until the Taliban complied with their agreement with the United States.

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