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Voorbeeld Service Level Agreement Onderhoud

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Voorbeeld Service Level Agreement Onderhoud

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The latter example shows that ALS is not necessarily agreed by external parties. It is increasingly common for ALS to be agreed between two divisions of the same company. The publication of Section 1 is the entrance to Section 2. And for things to go optimally, the two services meet on the timing of transfer: what requirements should the product or service meet? What form (z.B. an Excel document or sheet?), what content when, … Measuring performance indicators is important to be able to evaluate the service on the basis of facts. These key performance indicators (KPIs) can be quite technical. The performance of a core IT infrastructure can be compared to SNMP. The result is reports on utilization, capacity and trends. Corporate network management tools offer more than just trade shows: they offer alarms and full reports, reducing reaction and repair times. See also article: Optimizing availability.

However, in most service level agreements, steps have already been taken to address so-called sanctions. For each of these exceptions, it is necessary to indicate what they mean and when they can be called. For example, we take the scheduled maintenance, it is good to define a maximum number of hours per month and provide a method of communication of maintenance to the customer. SLAs are also very common in outsourcing the operational management of computing centres and corporate telephone centres. In corporate phone centres, much is done to get a fixed price for a transfer (for example. B a move). In addition, agreements are reached on the implementation and cost of a number of transfers. Some examples: 3 table of materials version …

4 Distribution List Introduction Background of ALS Documents Authorization and Management SLA Introduction Volume of Service Delivery Services Management Services Maintenance Services Helpdesk Management Incident Management (Second Line) Incident Management (Second Line) Incident Management (Incident Management) Quick Shop Services Stand By work Service Level Management Service Levels Maintenance Management Software Release Management Control and Distribution Impact Analyses Acceptance Test Support> Structure Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Helpdesk 1 FTE 3.2 Incident Management (first line) Record and re-logged incident users. Client Timeliness> can ensure that the reporting, classification and return process is done in a timely manner, so that this does not slow down the entire incident resolution time. The standards applicable to the customer> helpdesk with the customer`s user organization>. Responsible customer> 3.3 Incident Management (second line) Incident classification, management and handling. Response time Incident of entry into the helpdesk until the notification of return to the customer support service>. Priority 1: 1 hour Priority 2: 3 hours Priority 3: 8 hours Priority 4: 1 week Responsible application> 9/18 TIP 02: An example of service level or model agreement? Jobprofil Functional Administrator Job profile title Job title 00 Goal Ensure proper management and maintenance of systems and applications, for timely and effective support and knowledge development It is not unthinkable that the provider or customer would want to adapt service levels during the duration of the collaboration.

The terms and procedures are agreed in the service level agreement.

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