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Veteran Information Access Agreement Form

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Veteran Information Access Agreement Form

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To report privacy incidents, email the VA Privacy Office at [email protected] or call 415-750-2135. To report data security incidents, send an email to the VA Information Security Office at [email protected]. The San Francisco Veterans Affairs Health Care System (SFVAHCS) has an institutional membership in UCSF and allows researchers to access additional research opportunities. The UCSF IRB is the IRB of Record for SFVAHCS, but there are additional requirements for the research that is conducted at the VA. While SFVAHCS and UCSF are related institutions, they are separate legal entities. Form VA 10-9012 is required for investigational drug studies. An investigational drug is defined as a new chemical compound that has not been approved by the FDA, or an authorized drug that is undergoing clinical trial for an approved or unauthorized use, dose, pharmaceutical form. More information can be found on the website of the Radiation Safety Committee (accessible only behind the VA firewall) or by e-mail at [email protected]. VA HIPAA (Authorization for Use & Release of Protected Health Information for Research Form 10-0493): The following language regarding treatment goes and compensation for research-related injuries should appear verbatim in VA consent forms for studies with higher than minimal risk: if you only wish to inform VA patients through a non-VA study by publishing/distributing recruitment materials on an organization`s premises va, R&DC approval may not be necessary.

Contact the VA Clinical Research Office ([email protected]) to discuss how to allow the use of non-VA study offerings. If a study collects or uses individually identifiable patient health information that is less than US38.C drops. 7332 (DRUG, ALCOHOL, HIV AND SICKLE CELL ANEMIA INFORMATION) which include verbatim the following statement in the study request: This study includes the collection of information at 38 U.S., 7332. C 7332 (information on drugs, alcohol, HIV and/or ddifércelle). The purpose of the data is to conduct scientific research. No staff member involved in the study will identify, directly or indirectly, a single patient or subject in a report on that research, for example. B manuscript or publication. Notification of data protection and information security incidents The reduction, to the extent possible, of the risk of COVID-19 transmission for researchers and research staff should be taken into account. . . .

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