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Unbc Faculty Association Collective Agreement

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Unbc Faculty Association Collective Agreement

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“They are always around the table and are still working on an agreement that meets the interests of both sides,” he said. “The employer is ready to continue negotiations and continues to advocate for an agreement around the table,” the statement said. READ MORE: B.C. mediator as a unBC faculty strike to appoint nearly three weeks Both schools and the association accepted the recommendation and UNBC said an arbitrator must be selected by January 3, 2020, with hearings until February 1, 2020. UNBC yesterday (22 November) published another public overview of the offer it last submitted to the faculty, which led to a strong reaction from the union. Brian Schaan, a full-time math teacher, received resounding applause. He said the university was also trying to remove the protection afforded by the collective agreement in exchange for salary increases for a few selected individuals. Dana Wessell Lightfoot, an extraordinary history professor, said the offer “threatens to destroy collaborative relationships between full-time faculties, lecturers, librarians, executive lab professors, staff and students.” In order to obtain funding for federal research, a B.B.A. has a plan for justice, diversity and inclusion for research chairs, but not for faculties in general, a situation that Professor Dana Wessell Lightfoot described as “alarming” in a UNBC gender study. The strike action officially began 17 days ago, after the end of the agreement between the university and the association on June 30, 2019. UNBC-FA is the sole bargaining partner for all UNBC FA members and negotiates the terms of their employment, as enshrined in the faculties association`s collective agreement.

In addition, UNBC-FA provides advice and support to members throughout their employment, and assists them with mandates, promotion, evaluation and other processes. The association and its representatives play a crucial role in the field of collegial governance by advising all policies and procedures relating to the employment of our members in research and teaching. “The employer thanks the Special Ombudsman for his work and looks forward to going through this process and entering into a collective agreement with the AI,” UNBC said in a statement. “I think it`s fair to say that the employer tried to share our membership. The unanimous vote of confidence that the UNBCFA negotiating team gave this morning to the UNBCFA negotiating team should send a strong signal to the employer that this kind of stunt will only strengthen our determination to reach a normal collective agreement. The association adds that there are still large points of monetary and non-monetary friction: there seems to be no agreement between the @UNBCFA and @UNBC, which now means that the faculty will be on picket lines in about an hour this morning.

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