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Succession Agreement Yugoslavia

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16 For the analysis of the evolution of state inheritance law, see Oeter, supra, note l.at74; Oscar Schachter: State Succession: The Once and Future Law, 33 Va. J. Int`l L. 252 (1993) Google Scholar. 3. The distributions in paragraph 1 are final and are not reopened by any of the successor states in the context of succession matters. It is entitled to six other properties under a 2012 agreement, but the successor states have not yet agreed on a transfer schedule. 45 Degan, supra note 1, at 192. For an analysis of the role of arbitration in follow-up negotiations and the legal value of the Commission`s opinions, see trifkovic, see 9, in 201-03. 106 With the exception of local debt in the state estate, cf.

Menon, note 65, 159; Oeter, supra note 1, with 86; Streinz, supra note 7, at 215. The Standing Joint Committee of HR oversees the effective implementation of the agreement on the issues that follow. The High Representative of the Republic of Slovenia on succession issues plays a leading role in harmonizing, training and presenting Slovenia`s positions in this area. In the case of the former Yugoslavia, did Republika Srpska participate in the process of succession of territorial assets? During the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the sub-state units of Republika Srpska, the Republic of Krajina and the Bosnian Federation tried unsuccessfully to participate in public forums and diplomatic conferences dealing with matters of state succession. The decisions of the European Union Arbitration Committee on State Succession matters support the assumption of territorial assets by states and not by sub-governmental entities. There are no major outstanding issues in this area. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is asking successor states to approve the distribution of royalties from the former SFRY found in their account. Compensation for the RFJ`s debts is proposed.

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