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Silence Is A Form Of Agreement

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Silence Is A Form Of Agreement

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Whether you are used to doing business with oral or written agreements, offer and acceptance are always the two main elements of a contract. If you are concerned that your silence has been misinterpreted as acceptance, speak to an experienced lawyer. Wikipedia is huge and our editors` time is limited. At all times, there is a lot of open discussion on many different topics throughout the project. We encourage our writers to be bold and it is very likely that you will eventually be affected by the outcome of a decision that you knew nothing about or did not have the chance to join. If a decision is based primarily on silence, it is especially important to remember that consensus can change. Acceptance usually cannot remain silent. This rule comes from England when a person wrote to a horse dealer that if he had no news of the horse dealer, he thought the horse belonged to him. The English courts did not think that silence could show that there was mutual agreement and therefore decided that a contract existed only if the party receiving an offer had a positive acceptance. Third, silence is considered a hypothesis where a tenderer has improperly exercised control over the goods sent to it for approval or inspection. In this case, the tenderer is contractually obliged to purchase the goods at the indicated price. The bidder will be obliged to purchase the goods, even if he never intended to buy them. Services can be almost anything that is performed by an individual or group, for example.

B mow or help a friend move. Yes, but only in some cases. In order for silence to be considered an acceptance, there are usually a few prior transactions between the two parties and it is common for both parties to treat silence as an acceptance. . . .

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