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Secondment Agreement Qatar

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A commercial agreement should be concluded between the main employer and the local sponsor, refining the terms of the agreement, including the management of day-to-day employment problems, payment of labour costs and responsibility for possible rights at work. NOTE: Despite the fact that Qatar`s new immigration law has attempted to remove the use of the word “sponsorship” in favor of “employment”, we have maintained the concept of sponsorship in this simplification article when it comes to posting, i.e. the fact that the sponsor in the UAE and Qatar is a different entity or individual than the employer. However, there are practical ways to mitigate the impact of secondments to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and the resulting duplication issues. Sending employees to the UAE and Qatar to do work for local companies remains a hot topic. Due to the fairly strict immigration rules, postings to both jurisdictions can be relatively difficult for employers and have both unintended and unintended consequences. This article examines the main considerations for sending personnel to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. I didn`t finish 1 year, it`s been 11 months in Qatar. Now I have an offer from y company. Is it possible to transfer the transfer of secondment service to a new company a year ago? Please tell me. It`s urgent. Thank you Often, if the Second returns to the main employer after the end of the posting, he is not expected to receive requests for dismissal under local law.

However, we often see problems where the working relationship collapses for one reason or another. It is therefore desirable to consider and effectively manage the above-mentioned problems from the outset. thepeninsulaqatar.com/special-page/law/190494/rights-obligations-of-seconded-worker It says: “The Sponsorship Act has set the duration of the secondment at six months. This period may be extended by a similar period and, during this period, institutions must change their situation, since the promoter re-bids his employee with him or authorizes the transfer of his sponsorship to the employer who lent him or to other persons.┬áIt is essential that posting agreements are clearly documented and that MePs know how and why they are seconded, as well as the conditions of these in an attempt to meet expectations in the event of a subsequent dispute. . . .

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