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Rental Agreement Demand

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1.7. The tenant is required to use the rental object in such a way that no damage to the environment, such as emissions of substances or pollution of soil, groundwater, operating water and air, can or is expected. The tenant is required to take the necessary precautions in this regard. By any act or negligence concerning these obligations, the tenant is obliged, vis-à-vis the lessor or a third party, to carry out the timely, appropriate and thorough cleaning of the pollution caused until the requirements of the state are met by the government or the competent authorities. In addition, the tenant is liable for damage caused to pollution by the lessor or by a third party, including costs incurred during clean-up operations or costs resulting from clean-up work, if they are done by others, such.B as the government or lessor, who is responsible if the pollution occurred while the tenant was required to clean up under this agreement. 3.4. The tenant is liable to the landlord for any damage to the rented property, unless the tenant can prove that he, his employee or any person for whom he is responsible to the landlord is exempt from his debt. This exception does not reduce the tenant`s obligation to have a maintenance and repair obligation under the tenancy agreement. 2.3.1. The tenant undertakes to return the leased item to the lessor under the conditions described 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 under clearance time, with the exception of the authorized modifications and modifications agreed by both parties towards the end of the tenancy period, without returning the normal wear and tear to which no maintenance and/or repair obligation has been entrusted. 2.3.2. The tenant also undertakes to return the rental property after the end of the rental period, with all the keys given to the lessor, and to return the property to a place designated by the landlord and notified in a timely manner by the tenant or, in the absence of a specific location, the landlord`s postal address. Tenants and landlords are required to settle disputes relating to the performance of the tenancy agreement between them first and then by conciliation, unless the two parties agree differently.

2.2.2. Subsequently, a joint final check of the rental property must be carried out by or on behalf of both parties. This final check must be carried out no later than the last working day before the expiry of the tenancy agreement or the return of the tenancy object by the tenant, if it is the last before that date. This final control report must also indicate all activities necessary to bring the object back to the condition set out in Section 2.3.1, which must be signed by both parties by their legal representatives. 2.1. With respect to the condition of the property leased at the time of the tenant`s acceptance and start of the tenancy agreement, the sections applied for at points 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 come into effect. I therefore ask you to immediately pay the remaining balance and ensure that all future payments are made on the due date. 4.4. In the event of a situation described in paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3, the tenant automatically authorizes the lessor to take control and possession of the rented item. The tenant is required to cooperate fully with this withdrawal.

Section 2 items remain in effect if such an opportunity arises.

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