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Parental consent and a guarantee is a document used when a minor (under the age of 18) is signed a contract and the contractor wants a parent or guardian to give both the minor`s consent to the conclusion of the contract and an agreement to be responsible for the performance of the contract. Record companies put huge sums of money into producing, releasing and promoting an album to choose from. Recording time, manufacturing, packaging, photos, sales, marketing and music videos are just some of the areas in which the label must spend money for a signed action. The label generally absorbs these expenses, but in some artists` contracts, some of that money can be repaid to the label, unless it is formulated differently. Advances (prepaid directly to a host artist) are usually always due to the label. Once (and if) the advance of record sales has been repaid, the artist begins to see royalties for additional sales. Advancing the act money is a risk that the label suffers, because it does not know how well the album of the deed will sell. Capitol Records suspended Linda Ronstadt`s contract in the early 1970s after the Capitol spent more money on Ronstadt than it had sold. She continued to travel to repay Capitol for her deal in the 1960s, and a series of hits in the mid-1970s allowed her to finally repay the debt. Record companies expect to make a profit, and little worry itself with some performer lack of business or financially experienced, as have discovered artists like George Michael. “Walking Out” in one deal is very difficult or almost impossible, just like trying to make a new deal without concluding another.

Donna Summer signed a new contract with Geffen Records in 1980 and released an album on Geffen. Her previous label Polygram Records told her that she owed them another album after her agreement. She recorded an album at Polygram and delivered it, which released the label, and it became a success. Summer then returned for Geffen Records recorded for her next project. The Mamas and the Papas were forced to see each other again, years after their dissolution in 1968, by the letter of their contract Dunhill Records, which required the finalization of another album – now the 1971 people Like Us. Advertising – As Label reasonably requires, the artist will appear at the expense of the label of photography, posters, cover, etc., and will appear at the expense of a label for interviews with media representatives and employees of the label`s demonism. As the label reasonably requires, the artist must record short audio, visual and/or audiovisual messages and fan greetings suitable for the use and use of digital products and services and/or digital multimedia platforms (. B for example, Internet and wireless).

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