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Popeyes Franchise Agreement

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Popeyes Franchise Agreement

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Training Overview: Some franchisee employees must (to the satisfaction of the franchisor) the Popeyes Training Program (TPP) for their leadership role in the franchise restaurant. If the franchise restaurant is the franchisee`s first Popeyes restaurant, prior to the opening or ownership of the restaurant, at least five of the designated executives (the franchisor decides the final number), including the manager, must complete (to the satisfaction of the franchisor) TPP for their leadership role in the restaurant. The TPP can last up to six to ten weeks, the first two to four weeks of which consists of orientation and team training until the intern meets the franchisee`s competency standards. The next four to six weeks will include management training and training modules for (if applicable) a restaurant manager, an assistant restaurant manager and a postmaster. At regular intervals, the franchisor may provide franchisees or their employees with additional training programs that the franchisor carries out at its sole discretion. Participation in these training programs may be mandatory. You`ll find the estimated franchise fee for Popeyes in a separate article: If you`re considering a Louisiana franchise, don`t be blinded by these 29 major franchise fees (from the original franchise to the license fee up to another 27 fees in Articles 5 and 6 of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen s 2020 FDD). Popeyes, the American fast food chain, has signed a franchise master contract with local operator Kuya J Holdings for the country. Territory granted: When franchisees sign a franchise agreement for a franchise restaurant that is not an alternative location, franchisees benefit from a geographic area in which the franchisor does not open a Popeyes restaurant for the duration of the franchise agreement or grant the opening of a Popeyes restaurant to no one but the franchisee.

The protected area will consist of an area corresponding to the lower area of: (1) to a radius of 1 mile around the franchise restaurant; or (2) a territory that surrounds the franchised restaurant and includes a population (housing and workplace combined) of 50,000 people. The exclusivity granted in the protected area does not apply: a) existing popeyes restaurants, b) closed popeyes restaurants that can reopen within three years of the closure of this restaurant; and (c) restaurants for which franchise agreements have been entered into previously. The franchisor has the right to reduce or modify the protected area on a regular basis to reflect population movements. However, when it is less than a mile, the protection zone still includes a population of at least 50,000 people. July 25, 2019 / Franchising.com / Shanghai, China – Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. (Popeyes) has announced an exciting new agreement for the development and opening of more than 1,500 Popeyes restaurants in the People`s Republic of China over the next 10 years.

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