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International Fuel Tax Agreement License

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International Fuel Tax Agreement License

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If you are an Alberta carrier with qualified vehicles that are not registered for IFTA, your vehicles cannot travel to other IFTA countries without purchasing a travel authorization for fuel tax purposes. See Publication 536, International Fuel Use Tax Agreement (IFTA) A Guide for New York State Carriers to find out who should be licensed for leased vehicles. If you have not yet registered an interstate user license or IFTA credentials and must travel to the state, you must purchase fuel travel permits to travel to IFTA jurisdictions and for your return to California. Your California Fuel Trip Permit must be purchased and filled before returning to the state. For your main jurisdiction, apply for an IFTA license and stickers for each qualified motor vehicle you operate in more than one IFTA member country. Your registration information is valid for the calendar year. You must renew your license and order new stickers each calendar year. The online deposit is available to all IFTA and Interstate users. IfTA-licensed air carriers and the Interstate User program are required to file a quarterly return that expires on the last day of the month, immediately after the end of the quarterly reference period: air carriers travelling to jurisdictions other than IFTA must continue to meet the fuel tax reporting obligations of those countries.

Visit the Tax Rates – Special Taxes and Taxes page to view current and historical fuel tax rates. In the absence of a valid IFTA licence, qualified vehicles must have a separate individual travel authorization prior to an inter-judicial trip. Starting December 1 of each year, you will need to renew your IFTA license and order new stickers. You can renew your IFTA credentials via our online services. You must keep records that adequately document all the information you provide in your fuel tax return. Registrations must be kept for a period of four years from the due date of your tax return or the date of filing the return, depending on the date of the subsequent date. IFTA membership is voluntary and allows the carrier to significantly reduce red tape and compliance with the fuel reporting requirement. For example, if you are a California-based airline that is not ifTA-licensed and travels to Nevada (IFTA jurisdiction), you must purchase a tank travel permit to enter that state. If you return to California, you will need to purchase a California Fuel Trip Permit before returning to the state. Before the end of the year, a renewal application is automatically submitted to ifTA eligible licensees. The Step First section contains important resources related to registration, filing returns, account maintenance, additional licenses required, license renewals and other important information you need.

With effect on January 1, 1996, New Brunswick became a member of the International Convention on Fuel Tax (IFTA).

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