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Fishpond Lease Agreement Bfar

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conversion procedure for existing 10-year leases for fishing ponds into 25-year-old and 1.14) fully developed fishing ponds – a clean, leveled area, surrounded by at least one foot upper in the highest flood state in the community and strong enough to withstand water pressure during the highest river weaning; consists of at least one nursery pond, a passing pond, a breeding pond or a combination of one or all of the above pond classes and effective management of commercially produced water. (f) the lease fees of the LESSEE may be transferred, subject to the prior written agreement of the ESOR, on all or part of the fishing pond area granted to another party, provided that the term of the lease is valid for the duration of the original lease. Recent report on improvements that have been certified by the relevant regional director or his agent. The report shows that 50% of the area was operated when the authorization or lease was maintained for three (3) years and that the entire area should be fully exploited if it is held for five (5) years or more. BFAR data showed that Western Visayas has 1,523 fishing ponds with an area of 14,403 hectares. On the recommendation of the Chairman, the L.C Commission, the corresponding mail-order certificate regarding the availability or unavailability of the area for fishing pond purposes is forwarded to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. ILOILO CITY, August 9 — Agriculture Minister Emmanuel Piol has instructed the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to audit and validate all existing fishing pond areas. Section 10. Illegal use of the fishing pond under a lease granted to another.

At a press conference on Tuesday evening attended by the heads of the department`s affiliated agencies, he said that areas of fishing ponds that are not used and unproductive should be removed. All fishpond lease pools that are legally awarded but have been cancelled or terminated by the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Resources Office, in accordance with its own guidelines prior to the application of this Regulation, and those that are terminated or terminated for breach of FLA conditions are re-entered into the category of a forest country. Upon obtaining an appropriate certification by BFAR, the PCSD becomes aware of these ponds and takes the necessary measures to bring them back to their original mangrove state. PCSD may enter the DENR and other relevant entities during the implementation of the reversion procedure. She confirmed that there were many abandoned ponds where mangroves would thrive. Some homeowners have decided to give up because of financial constraints such as capitalization or their income is not enough to cover their expenses.

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