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Cs Collective Agreement Maternity Leave

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Cs Collective Agreement Maternity Leave

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i. to adjourn the processing of the start of unpaid parental leave at the worker`s request; 4. A worker may not make an individual complaint about the interpretation or application of a provision of a collective agreement or arbitral award to the worker, unless the worker has the agreement of the institute and is represented by the Institute. 14.06 In the event of dismissal or death of a worker who has been granted leave or sick leave with a salary higher than that which he has earned, the worker is considered to be favourable to the workers granted to him. A worker is entitled to leave with equal pay to his credit, but a worker who has spent six (6) months of uninterruptedness is entitled to a credit advance corresponding to the credits expected for the current year of leave. A. On the expiry date of her maternity leave, she will return to her place of work, without pay, within the federal government, in accordance with the provisions of Schedule I, Schedule IV or Schedule V of the Financial Management Act; (b) after the submission of a complaint and within the time frame set out in this article, the delegated authority in charge of the appeals body informs of its intention to use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the Institute. c) At the worker`s request, an extermination leave may be taken with pay in a single period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days or in two (2) periods of up to five (5) working days. 15.09 The worker is not considered to be on leave for a period for which he is entitled, under point 15.08 above, to be compensated for the reasonable expenses he has incurred. Most collective agreements and conditions of employment provide special provisions for disabled workers who apply for maternity or parental benefits. If the parties fail to agree on the EWSP, the existing sick leave provisions, as currently provided for in collective agreements, will remain in place. Subject to the following conditions and conditions, the employer reimburses a worker for the payment of an annual member in an accounting organization, in accordance with Article 22 of the collective agreement between the Cras and the PIPSC-Audit, Financial and Scientific bargaining unit, as well as the reimbursement of a worker`s remuneration on one of the following points: 1.

The Institute may submit a group complaint to the employer on behalf of workers in the bargaining unit who feel aggrieved by the interpretation or application that is customary for these workers, a provision of a collective agreement or arbitration award. (a) If, during a year`s leave, the entire amount of a worker`s credit leave is not provided, the worker may pay up to two hundred and sixty-two decimal hours (262.5) hours for the following year off. All leave credits of more than two hundred and sixty-two decimal hours (262.5) hours are paid in cash to the worker`s hourly wage, as calculated in the classification established in the act of appointment of his situation on 31 March of the current leave year. (d) under item 17.15, the period of leave thus deferred is taken into account in the leave period, either at the worker`s request, and approved by the employer, or reinstated at a later date.

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