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Authorship Responsibility And License Agreement

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Authorship Responsibility And License Agreement

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You must register in the area indicated, depending on whether you own the copyright in your work, whether the copyright belongs to your employer, or whether you are a government employee. It is important to check if the CTA or ELA (the contract) has been properly completed, signed and dated before your contribution can be published. Ideally, all authors should sign the agreement and, if necessary, additional signatures are attached separately. However, if it is not possible to obtain a physical signature from all authors, you must have written consent so that you can enter into the agreement on their behalf. Wiley accepts faxes and scanned copies of original forms signed by email. Copyright belongs to a third party: if the content has been published beforehand and a third party is the copyright owner or exclusive licensee of the rights to this material, you must obtain and obtain permission to reuse it and deliver the material in accordance with the authorization. This applies whether you wrote the material yourself or it was written by a third party. In principle, no permission is required for short, non-important text excerpts or references to other works, provided that they are duly attributed. In any case, you should be aware that double publication may constitute an infringement and/or a violation of ethics, unless it is not clearly stated that the documents were published beforehand.

In practice, for publications with several authors, an author must be designated as the corresponding author. The corresponding author assumes overall responsibility for the manuscript and often also acts as the lead author and Correzian, as well as as an essential contribution to the research load. A corresponding author is not necessarily the principal investigator or project manager. The corresponding author is responsible for: These agreements replace the previous versions. Authors who signed contract forms before January 1, 2014 may continue to archive their articles as described in Wiley`s self-archiving policy. When the work is done by an author in his or her capacity as an employee of a company, the copyright belongs to the company. A company attorney must therefore sign the contract. If you are an Amgen employee, please download a copy of the company`s addition via the link below and return your license agreement signed with the addendum: in most cases, your article must be accepted first, and then you should receive information about the specific license signing process for the magazine to which you submitted your work. including the contact to whom you need to return the signed form (normally the Wiley production editor for this review). . .


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