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Articulation Agreement Odu

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NOVA has transfer agreements with many institutions. These agreements outline the transfer conditions for NOVA students in associated degree programs. They define how courses, programmes or entire categories of programmes are transferred to another institution and may contain guarantees of admission. Counsellors can provide students with more accurate information on how these agreements relate to individual transfer plans. Choose your transfer route and submit the letter of intent for the transfer. If we do not have a transfer path for your main compartment, use the VCCS transfer guide and the Course by Course Equivalency database for Transfer Equivalency Assistance. Transfer Initiatives 1015 Student Success Center Norfolk, VA 23529 757-683-3699 transfercenters@odu.edu Choose your transfer path and submit the letter of intent for the transfer. . . . Search for an institution: All Public Private Military Friendly Online Undergraduate Admissions 1004 Rollins Hall Norfolk, VA 23529 757-683-3685 (Office) 757-683-3255 (Fax) admissions@odu.edu Select your transfer route. If we do not have a transfer route for your institution, please use the bachelor`s guides, the guidelines for extra-state associate degrees to meet the requirements of lower departments for general education, and the course-by-course equivalence database for support…

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