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Air Transport Agreements Canada

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As these new or extended agreements are applied administratively, new rights under these new and extended agreements are immediately available to airlines. Extended air transport agreements with Algeria, Qatar and Jordan allow designated airlines to fly more flights per week to and from Canada. The extended agreement between Canada and Jordan also allows designated airlines to serve any city in the territory of the other country. The modernized agreement with Côte d`Ivoire has been expanded to a fully open and flexible code-sharing system. The first agreement with Mongolia provides an open and flexible code-sharing system and will help strengthen emerging bilateral air transport relations. Code sharing is done when an airline sells seats on a transparent flight by another airline, allowing it to expand its network and product offering. Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced today that Canada has successfully concluded new or extensive air agreements with St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Côte d`Ivoire and Mongolia. The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada and Transport Canada are jointly responsible for advancing the agenda for air negotiations abroad. “Price” means any fare, fare or fee (including discounts, frequent flyer plans or other benefits affecting airfare costs) for the transportation of passengers (and their luggage) and/or cargo (excluding duty) or by chartering aircraft charged by airlines, including their agents, as well as the conditions for the availability of such a fare, fare or charge, but without general conditions of transport that apply in bulk to all air transport and are not directly related to the price, fare or charge; The Agency publishes some public information on Canadian air services agreements and agreements, such as traffic rights. B, which may be exercised by designated airlines under air agreements or other instruments.

The full text of the current air transport agreements is available on the Canada Treaty Information website at: www.treaty-accord.gc.ca. To request documents classified (confidential) or whose dissemination has been restricted (for example. B not yet definitively in force), please address: “Any move to diversify international markets is a step towards greater prosperity for Canadians. New and comprehensive air transport agreements allow companies and investors around the world to promote exports. With our trade diversification strategy, we want to broaden our scope by achieving 50% more exports by 2025. This is just another tangible example of how we are working to achieve this goal. The blue-sky policy calls for a proactive approach to the liberalisation of air services agreements (ASAs). In particular, it will be a matter of negotiating reciprocal open-ski agreements if it is in Canada`s best interests. It does not support an undifferentiated “uniform” approach to air transport negotiations and recognizes that, in some cases, more caution is warranted, particularly where there are concerns about a level playing field or where new services may destabilize existing services valued by Canadian communities.

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