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First, Trevor works with business owners and their families in the areas of structuring and selling businesses, complying with legal rules, third-party contracts, liability protection and general business that small entrepreneurs face. It extends beyond legal advice and encompasses business strategies and asset retention. Trevor also works with families on their estate planning needs, including estate, trust management and wills. Once the property has been transferred to the tenant, the rights and obligations of the leaseholder are transferred to the new owner of the property under the law of the obligation. This means that if you. B have moved into a rented apartment as a tenant, the apartment is in your possession and the rental agreement is automatically transferred to the new owner. If the new owner wants to enter into a new lease with you after the purchase of the apartment, it is really not necessary. Such a topic may be on the agenda, for example, if the new owner wants to change the terms of the contract for you – for example. B, to increase the rent. If you do not wish to enter into a new contract, the new owner of your apartment only has to accept the situation or terminate the lease. As a general rule, an open lease can be terminated with 3 months` notice. However, a fixed-term lease can only be terminated for a good reason – for example, if the tenant pays the rent for three months of delay.

The Trust and Distributor acknowledge that the Company does not intend to require additional payments from a contract holder who, due to a price error, may have been underpaid for interest credited to its account, but that this intention does not affect any obligation of the business to the trust or distributor under this agreement. In addition, a property contract is also called a land contract and a land contract involves a change in the seller`s financing. A lawyer usually designs the agreements that all parties can sign.

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