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Agreement On Government Procurement Pdf

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Agreement On Government Procurement Pdf

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which are carried out under a covered contract in which the supplier has or has had an interest. The rules of procedure applicable to all disputes shall be recorded in writing and made accessible to all. arbitration procedures to facilitate the settlement of objections with a view to promoting acceptance of and accession to this Agreement by WTO Members which are not Parties to this Agreement; Maintenance of documentation, reports and electronic traceability The non-application of this Agreement between certain Contracting Parties may rely on the provisions of the Agreement on Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures (hereinafter referred to as the “Dispute Settlement Agreement”) with a view to a solution satisfactory to both Parties. Contracting Parties, including their contracting entities referred to in Annexes 2 or 3, are invited to publish their notices free of charge electronically through a central access point. . . .

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