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Affiliate License Agreement

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Affiliate License Agreement

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1.8 The requirement for the licensee to pay royalties for any provision of the international version or a licensed product does not depend on the use of the product of the international version or the licensee in a production or broadcasting environment. 3.7.2 The licensee returns to the licensee a licensee or acquires a license from the licensee member (or, if applicable, part of that extension or part of it) under the same conditions; which apply to international release in accordance with clause 2 of this license agreement until that extension (or part of it) or a derivative becomes an integral part of the international release or national release of the member (8.1) , the ownership or interest in or for the intellectual property rights of the international publication or part of it. , or grants a licensee a licence with respect to international publication or part of it, unless expressly stipulated in Clause 2. 9.2.1, without restriction, the obligation for the licensee to inform the member before exercising his rights in that member`s territory and the obligation for the licensee to enter into a licensing agreement with the member with respect to the national release of that member; the obligations of the donor, licensee or one of its related undertakings pursuant to this section 7.1 (e) and the obligations of the associated undertakings of the taker under similar provisions of other agreements, including affiliation licensing agreements, cannot relax each other. 1.5 The fees for hospitals in this Schedule B apply only to hospitals located on a single coherent physical site. Any hospital located on several physical sites should be considered to be covered in paragraph 4 of Appendix B (not paragraphs 2 or 3). The licensee grants the licensee, subject to the terms of this license agreement, a worldwide license, not exclusive and non-transferable for the duration of this license agreement, for the duration of this license agreement, for an unlimited period, provided that the End User can apply it directly to the licensee if it receives notification that the sublicensing ends in accordance with clause 2.5.4. , and that the licensee in these circumstances (but may not be obligated): 8.3.1 contains the following reference to all media, on which licensed products are distributed and on the documentary form of each sub-licence granted by the licensee in accordance with point 2.1.5:”This material contains clinical terms ® SNOMED (SNOMED CT®) used with the permission of the International Organization for the Development of Health Standards (IHTSDO).

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