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Aeronautical Services Agreement Melbourne Airport

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Aeronautical Services Agreement Melbourne Airport

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Melbourne Airport has entered into a new agreement with Qantas on the assets and operations of Terminal 1 (T1), its domestic terminal. This schedule is part of the airport`s terms of use and applies to all aircraft landing at Avalon Airport if the aircraft operator is not a party to an ongoing air services contract with the airport operator. All fees shown are GST exclusive. The transaction includes a 10-year access contract for Terminal 1, with all aeronautical and retail real estate being transferred to Melbourne Airport. Qantas retains exclusive access to Terminal 1, including lounges, for domestic flights. The T1 operating licence will come into effect on July 1, 2019 and the new agreements will come into effect gradually to minimize disruption to passengers. Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Lyell Strambi described the deal as the product of the airport`s strong and historic relationship with Qantas Group. The Terminal 1 Agreement, together with the Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 Agreements and the Airport Aviation Services Agreement (which is concluded with Melbourne`s 47 airlines), underpins the airport`s investment programme, designed to provide the necessary capacity and quality of service to the growing airline community operating to and from Melbourne Airport. Additional terms and conditions apply.

For more information, see the Avalon Terms of Use. Additional fees may be charged for access cards and additional services. FARE PLAN FOR NON-SIGNATORIES TO AN AIR SERVICE CONTRACT Options for the provision of certain international flights from Terminal 1 outside peak hours will be evaluated. The deal brought Qantas $355 million ($244 million), including $276 million ($190 million) in cash during the year, with the remaining value accruing in future periods. “We focused a lot on providing a better passenger experience. Above all, we want to improve efficiency and reduce the stress of travel, but our research tells us that today`s passengers are looking for more. Better choose and choose what they eat and drink and retail options to satisfy it all from travel utensils to luxury. With the security we can now give tenants, the first step will be to reopen a number of sites,” Strambi said. . . .

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